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ѹоǺطʡѴ Virgin Coconut Oil
Name Coconut Oil Natural Extract
ѹо ط
ѹоǺպ سҾ٧
Natural Extract
Cold pressed coconut oil
virgin coconut oil
Use Virgin Coconut Oil rich in Vitamin E to help
provides intense conditioning and protect hair
from environment damage make hair lustrous
and easy to manage while revitalizing dry,
brittle hair.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Extract.
Without heat and chemical solvent.

Natural moisturizing
Rich Treatment to Nourish hair and scalp

For use Hair, Face, Body Skin Care

Use by massage in head and body
Anti Cellulite
Rich Treatment
Blood Circulation
Relax Muscles
Ingredient Virgin Coconut Oil
Straight from nature to repair and protect skin
and hair, cold-pressed without chemicals
And nourishing benefits for a healthier,
glowing body.
Direction apply on skin and hair
and remove cosmetic from face
Net weight
* 1000 cc = 750 thb
* 500 cc = 450 thb
* 90 cc = 120 thb

ѹо Coconut Oil,
Cold-pressed coconut oil,virgin coconut oil,
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