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สบู่เหลวสมุนไพรบัวบกเข้มข้น Liquid Soap
Name Liquid Soap Natural Extract
Skin rejuvenating
Anti Aging
Thai Herbs
Use Cleanse your skin while maintaining softness
and preventing dehydration.
Natritive natural extracts help replenish natural
moisture, gradually restoring rough,
Dry skin to leave it smooth, fresh and cleam.
Ingredient Hydrocotyle, Ipomoea, Boerhavia, Tomatto,
Arovela and other natural herbs
Direction Dropping the liquid soap to the palm and
rubbing all of the face and the body in the
morning and evening or every time when
take a bath.
Net weight
250 ml = 450 thb , Pump
60 ml = 150 thb , Drop

สบู่เหลวสมุนไพรบัวบกเข้มข้น Liquid Soap
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Tiger Herbal soap spa massage thai herbs products สปา
herbal liquid soap,face scrub,face serum,aroma oil
สมุนไพรไทย herb product
สปา spa face body scrub herbs products
herbal liquid soap,face scrub,face serum,aroma oil
สมุนไพรไทย herb product
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